Monday, January 26, 2009

Strings of My Heart

Dear Lord Jesus,
I bow my head in prayer
I long to express
The conviction
Within my heart
I have long denied
The love that grows inside
I have kept it hidden,
Locked away
I threw it down
Deep into a dungeon
In hopes it would
Die when kept in the dark
No light. No growth. No life.
Letting it out only
When it might benefit me

Tying it up with strings
Holding on to the pain
Like a valuable treasure
With each loss a greater notch
Look, I have
Survived heartache
Boasting as I would compare
The more the pain
The more the woe
Self inflicted with
Pity and sorrow
How could I be so numb?

My sweet Lord,
Will you play the
Strings of my heart
Play the strings of my heart

The music floated
Through the air
Braving a moat

Frozen and hard
Toward a darkened
Tower mighty and strong
Layers upon layers of
The rock and stone
Battling cold winds
Filled with frosty daggers
Can the melody penetrate
The depths of the fortress walls?

My sweet Lord
Will you play the
Strings of my heart
Play the strings of my heart

Quivering at first,

The walls were barely shaken
No evidence of any damage
It took years to build
Those vast walls
They have withstood
Mighty battles with
Towering arrogance
How can it be expected
That a single note
A simple melody
Would shatter such density

My sweet Lord,
Will you play the
Strings of my heart
Play the strings of my heart

Yet the melody persists
Growing more determined
In its pursuit
A voice rising

Above the notes
Beckoning the walls
To surrender their noble vigil
Swaying the tower
To bow down
Asking the fortress to
Humble its allegiance
How could this voice
Dare to rattle the gates
To my heart?
Why would it chance
The depths of the
Darkness hiding my soul?
What possible benefit
Would there be if freedom
Was given to this buried love.

My sweet lord,
Will you play the
Strings of my heart
Play the strings of my heart

I can no longer drown out
God’s ethereal melody
That shattered the walls
Surrounding my captive heart
I can no longer deny access
To the dungeon
Where I locked
Away my love
I can no longer
Ignore the mighty whisper
That dared to enter
The gates of my soul

Jesus’ soft voice is
Music to my ears
His uplifting tempo
Gives rhythm to my heart
His Holy Spirit gives
Volume to my thoughts
The angels’ celestial chorus
Echoes laughter from my lips
My heavenly Father’s
Lullaby soothes my soul
The numbness of my
Dull heart has been
Replaced with a
Heartbeat that quickens my step
A loving Father’s
Benevolent discipline

Pounding out the flaws
God’s tender mercies
And grace warms my soul
Eternal love that stands
The test of time
This voice. This song.
This heart. This love
Is not to be kept within
A locked dungeon
Nor to be tied up with strings
Nor to boastfully compare
Nor to be deprived of freedom

Thank you lord,
For playing the
Strings of my heart
Playing the strings
Of my heart

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