Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Encounter God at The Shack

I would like to recommend the reading of 'The Shack' by William Young.

It is based on the true life experience of Mackenzie Allen Phillips who was invited to meet with God at a secluded, run-down mountain shack.

The only thing I will offer about the story is what my preconceived idea about what the story would be about. A friend of mine had emailed me mentioning that this would be a good story to read. Being a person, who enjoys reading AND enjoys learning even more about God, I went to the nearest book store and purchased it. Looking at the cover and reading the small inkling of the plot of the book on the back cover, I expected that the book would be about the anguish of the main character and torment that he had gone through. I invisioned a dark sinister account of his brush with death. I WAS SOOOOOO WRONG.

The book reveals the most beautiful and real aspect of death AND life [mostly life]. It examplifies what our relationship with God's Trinity is really about. Mr. Phillips' [as written by William Young] sharing of the story opened my heart to desire God even more. It touched me in the most secluded area of my pride. I have carried such misconception about who God really is and my small role of being a child of God. The story expresses the real wonder of life...a personal relationship with God through the acceptance of Jesus as Savior.

There is so much wonder and beauty within the story despite the tragedy that surrounds it. Much like our lives. It is difficult to share how the book has reached out to me without hindering the story. I do not wish to intrude upon God's great story by placing any of my thoughts in the way. I wish only to ask you to read it. You can learn more about the author at:

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