Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newly Added

Lemonade Stand By The Creek added a new page to the website, Lemonade Stand Stories. Check out the link: www.lemonadestandbythecreek.web.officelive.com/lemonadestandstories.aspx

Home written stories about our homestead and life on the farm.

My husband and I were both 'city' dwellers. We grew tired of the chaos and noise of the city. My husband's dream has always been to have a home and some land 'somewhere over the rainbow'! I just desired a comfortable home where I could care for my husband and welcome our families. God provided us an opportunity to move out into the American countryside in 2008.

The home has been neglected for some time. It is built mostly from limestone blocks. It is very charming and is a most welcoming home. There is alot of landscaping issues and lots of overgrown brush and trees to clear. There is electrical, insulation and heating tasks to accomplish. ALL the bedrooms and the two baths still have 'pull' chain lights!! There are two quanson huts that onced provided a home for chickens. There is an old hog barn and an old corn crib. The old barn was fallen down and only the skeleton shell remains.

I am ever grateful to God for bringing us here. The peace of country living has taken some of the distractions away in order to hear God's voice better.

Meanwhile, please follow the link above to read about our adventures about adjusting to our farm life and our walk with God.

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