Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Morning Dear Lord Jesus

Your sun is shining so bright today. Thank you.

I can hear the chitter chatter of the birds as they enjoy their breakfast! My they are so excited this morning. Thank you for the birds.

As I look out my office window, my eyes are met with the softness of the green buds upon the branches of the trees. The glow of the sun reaching into the land…yawning & stretching the rays of light begin to spotlight the morning concert. Thank you Lord Jesus for brining Salah & me here to this homestead. Thank you Lord for the bounty You bestow upon us.

Give us patience to see Your plan & purpose for this home & land unfold. How may we use this home & land for Your benefit? Your glory? How may we use it to build up Your kingdom? Give us the wisdom, knowledge, and ability to care and maintain this homestead. This is Your home & land. We gratefully & thankfully seek Your wisdom in order to be better stewards of this homestead for Your sake.

We ask You into our home, our hearts & our lives. We need You so desperately. Your ways are not like ours. We trip & stumble foolishly over what we want & what we think is best. Forgive our foolish pride. May we endure, with the help of Your grace, any circumstance or situation until You are prepared for Your glory to be revealed. Let us not grow tired of seeking Your will in lives. Let us not become weary of raising our hands & arms in praise & worship of You. Let us continue to ask for Your wisdom & authority in our lives. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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