Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

Proper Time Period: Quality time…

  • What is the BEST time of your day?
    • Early in day?
    • Mid-morning 10 am?
    • Early afternoon?
  • Time you are left undisturbed
  • The earlier in the day the better
  • Make Time=make an appointment & commit

Proper Preparation: You need to be

  • Physically Alert=Awake.
    • Not everyone is “awake” enough at 5 am
  • Morally Pure & Clean=May take time to seek repentance.
  • Search heart for any impurities
  • Mentally Awake=strengthen your mind
    • Be willing
    • Eager.
  • Expect to be a part of it=toughen up your mind=
  • Participate
  • Not emotionally

Proper Place: “Enter Your Closet”

  • Into Isolation=shut out the world=open to God
  • Secret Place=Be alone with the Lord
  • Avoid distractions=people, sounds, etc.

Proper Provisions:

  • Readable Bible=good print=make notes in it
  • Devotional Journal=Expect God to give you something
  • Prayer Journal=Reminder of prayer requests
  • Note pad=What God wants you to do
  • Prayer duty=God’s to do list

Proper Procedure: Private Interview with Jesus

  • Get still=Be calm=Relax=Recognize His presence
  • Focus Mind=Deep breath=Focus thoughts
  • Look up & Lift your hands to Him
    • Praise Him
    • Surrender to Him
    • Receive Him
  • Get into the Word of God=Read Bible=THEN pray
  • Hear Him first
    • Then talk with Him
    • Think about God is saying to you
    • Select Passages=Balanced
    • Psalms & Proverbs
    • Not devotionals=JUST BIBLE
  • Meditate on His words=Ask these…
    • Is there a Command to obey
    • Is there a Promise to claim
    • Is there a Sin to avoid
    • Is there a Lesson to learn
    • Is there New Truth to carry with me
  • Write Action Points that come out at this time on Note Pad
  • Be Honest=OUT LOUD=Don’t rush
  • Distracting thoughts…
    • Bring to God
    • Pray about it
  • Share what you learn
  • Obey=TRUST HIM=two rails
    • Revelation & Obedience

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