Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Sister

A quote:

~Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.~ Author Unknown

dearest sister,

I have yet to understand fully this change within me. I remember the day I came to you while you where at work, to tell you of how God had touched my heart. Although you may know me, you may not know the change that had taken place that day. A change that one day I pray you shall know. The Lord has brought oh such wonderful joy into my life. He has warmed my heart and given me peace. He has offered me a precious family…of which I am well aware that I need to tend like a garden…all my beautiful flowers…my sisters…my brothers…my nephews…my nieces…my mom…my dad…my husband…my in laws…all as precious gift from the Lord. I reflect upon all the magnificent moments we have all shared. Even to embrace the not so glorious moments. To forgive and to love with all my heart. There is no end to how much I have learned from each and everyone, and continue to do so.

God’s tender care humbles me as His Spirit molds and shapes me into the woman and wife He would have me to be. At how much broader my vision and how my scope of priorities have changed. Being a newborn Christian, I still feel like a two old [yes, I can even act like one. I still throw a good temper tantrum now & then!!], who has no clue how to contain the excitement within my body and the joy that has blessed my soul. As I walk my path with the Lord, I can stumble and He is there immediately to pick me up, dust me off, pat my bottom, and scoot me back into the arena. Equipping me with more wisdom and courage to face the struggles that arise, sometimes on a daily basis. I am speechless by the gift of poise and grace He has placed inside me that enables me to walk more like a lady than a clumsy two year old learning to walk. Sometimes this little girl cane bite off more than she can chew. He never promised it would be easy. But, He will never forsake me. I looked for that pillar of strength to rescue me from my mistakes and unwise choices. I never found until I found Jesus. I openly admit I cannot walk alone. I cherish every opportunity that I walk along side of Him and feel my hand fitting snuggly within His hand. And no other way would I rather run than straight into my Father’s arms for protection. He is my true source of strength and hope.

The laughter tickles my cheeks, the tears that have stung my eyes, the music that rises in my voice, the thunder that rumbles within my heart, the peace that soothes my soul, the view that captures my eyes, have all come from one special source, God my Father. It is from Him that I have been blessed with such an extraordinary family to care for and to love. There is no end to His blessings. We all only need to acknowledge Him and accept Him.

With that you have been on my mind!! I refuse to just let the thought fade away without SIMPLY SHOUTING to you…I MISS YOU…I LOVE YOU!!! I have not said often enough how much I appreciate you and all you have done with me and for me. Neglecting to mention how beautiful you are. Share with you that God has touched your life with incredible wonder as well, your children and husband. That you are God’s special child. To acknowledge your special gift of putting pieces of unordinary fabric together and watching it come to life into a cozy quilt. Each time I wrap up in mine it is a great big hug especially from you. I have forgotten at times to water my garden. Even now, tears sting my eyes…thanks for assisting me to find peaceful slumbers as I lay me weary head upon my pillow and snuggle deep within my quilt.

A constant happythought to invite me to enjoy sweet dreams of my special sister not so far away.

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